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Charentais interiors : chic and authentic

From amber to light!

In Charentes, exceptional finds are not only in bottles… the marvellous buildings housing the greatest cognacs are also worthy of admiration!

A region renowned for the mildness of its oceanic climate and its landscapes of vineyards and forests, Charentes are home to real architectural masterpieces that are charged with history reflecting an attachment to traditions that have sustained it for centuries (Martell, Remy Martin, Louis Royer, Duquai).

Some of these homes enjoy the privilege of overlooking gardens (Beaulon), sometimes landscaped gardens (Hennessy). In terms of decor, we find a tasteful blend that combines the personality of the host, the atmosphere of the surrounding area and the pursuit of an esthetic effect. Here, the focus is on the natural and authentic with attention to detail and a preference for noble and simple materials.

Here, the focus is on the natural and authentic with attention to detail

We often find beautiful volumes, incomparably high ceilings (Hine), and thick stone walls with great character (Courvoisier, Frapin) that ensure a temperate atmosphere, ideal for storing wine and aging cognac. Dim light remains the classic solution. To overcome this, openings are created without breaking with the style. Some renovations go further and introduce passageways (Meukow).

In terms of color, the trend is often for pale tones that are soft and refined, providing a more poetic atmosphere. Wood and stone guarantee a timeless charm in many of these old houses (Bisquit, Tiffon, Delamain, Bache Gabrielsen). A chic and authentic heritage that never fails to work its magic!

It is a delight to enter this peaceful and welcoming world.

Thanks to Editions d’Autils and to the authors Geneviève Jamin and Daniel Rey for their permission to use as source of inspiration their book ” Esprit de Cognac, les intérieurs des plus belles demeures viticoles “.


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