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James Stevenson

James Stevenson
©Beautiful Booze

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, James joined forces with Beautiful Booze in 2015 to take the company’s content to the next level. Using his knowledge of industry-specific photography and film production, James started his content development company, Little Lane Media, where he contracts with some of the most notable destination and liquor industry names to create engaging, professional commercial content.

With a background in accounting and business, I was never much for sitting behind a desk, so I decided to find a different avenue through which I could generate an income while exploring the world around me. This led me to the hospitality sector, where I started my career in bartending in 2006, with a focus on cocktail bars. In 2013 I moved to North America where I met Natalie, who at the time was building her small, passion-driven business from home. It wasn’t until 2015 though, when we began traveling the world together, that I started assisting her with photography and business development for Beautiful Booze. I now spend my days in cafes, studying photography and videography, and my evenings at bars capturing the best bartenders and cocktails from around the globe.