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Anne Sarteaux

“If cognac were an animal, it would of course be a panther, an animal that symbolizes the perennial qualities of balance that we find in our product.”

A discreet yet assertive animal that is capable of great patience, like the spirits that age slowly in our cellars, to be bottled in several decades.

Just like our brandy, the panther is gentle in its youth, revealing its character over time and gaining power with age.

The panther adapts its temperament to its environment as we adapt to the different vintages and characteristics of the wines from our vineyards.

A large cat with a dark and silky coat reminiscent of the colour and delicate texture of cognac. It evokes the character of certain cognacs with animal notes like the aromas of leather or woodlands.

Similarly, the panther is a symbol of elegance and power, representing the values ​​of cognac. All our senses are awakened when we taste a cognac.

Anne Sarteaux


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