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Alan Geaam

Cognac pairing with Alan Geaam

Lebanese chef Alan Geaam, awarded by a Michelin star, shares his recent passion for cognacs. According to him, there is a lot to create today in France regarding cognac food-pairing.

Alan Geeam cognac
Alan Geeam, Restaurant « AG Les Halles »

What do you think about Cognac Pairing?

A.G. I’m new to cognac pairing. I discovered cognac just last year when I attended a training session on cognac-food pairing. We should really be talking more about cognac. We consume very little cognac in France whereas there is so much to be done. We know very well how to create wine-food pairing, but cognac-food pairing is new. The whole subject is still waiting to be developed in France.


What is the ideal cognac-food pairing?

A.G. Cognac can accompany any meal. For example, I think it goes very well with fruit. I often recommend it with pear and mango. Cognac likes generosity and sweetness. A chocolate-citrus dessert paired with cognac is delicious.


What dish do you most like to cook?

A.G. I love cooking fish and octopus.


Is octopus a possible candidate for cognac pairing?

A.G. Yes, everything is possible. We have a long way to go.


Are you a cognac lover?

A.G. I only discovered cognac last november. Ever since, I like to start and end my meal with a glass of cognac.


Restaurant Alan Geaam
19 Rue Lauriston – France
75016 Paris
+331 45 01 72 97


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