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Jonathan Stanyard

Jonathan Stanyard is a Seattle-based bartender and a veteran of the industry. In 1999, his career started at a friend’s Italian Restaurant in the Bay Area of California. In 2014, Jonathan moved to Seattle to continue the pursuit of excellence in the cocktail world. In 2019, he launched a very specialized education and bitters production, The Bitter Gringo Company. Most recently, Jonathan was the Bar Manager for Brother Barrel, a craft cocktail bar focusing on barrel-aged and sour beers. He is currently bartending north of the city in Kirkland at Feast. From dimly lit jazz clubs to high-end French steakhouses, cafes, and private events, Jonathan has immersed himself in all styles of service. In recent years, he is focusing on becoming the best bartender he can be and creating the most unique and complete cocktail experiences in person and digitally.




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