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Raphaëlle Le Baud

Raphaëlle Le Baud cognac
Raphaëlle Le Baud

Raphaëlle Le Baud is an entrepreneur for rare trades and crafts.

In 2010, he wakes the Duvelleroy sleeping beauty: the company has been crafting fans for queens since 1827. They combine various craftsmanships, from feather workers to embroiders, commission finishers and fine cabinet makers.

In 2015, Raphaëlle co-founded Mayaro, a laboratory for experiences related to crafts and arts, in the 7th district of Paris.

In 2017, she became a partner in the Ambassade des Arts, to create bridges between trades, crafts and high-end companies: customer experience in workshop environments, development of crafted objects for gift making and display, as well as trade boosting strategic thinking. She has been employed by luxury houses and wine & spirit companies.


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