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“Cognac Pairing” in your pocket

Learn to combine dishes and cognacs with the Cognac Pairing app

The brand new Cognac Pairing app allows you to pair foods perfectly with cognac. It has never been easier to combine the aromas of cognac with a variety of flavors.

Developed by Cognac professionals from BNIC—the organization that represents, develops and protects the Cognac AOC in France and throughout the world—with the help of 45 international tasting experts, the Cognac Pairing app reveals the universe of cognac in all its splendor. The app helps you find the perfect match in a fun way with simple navigation by flavor or by cognac category (VS frozen, VS, VSOP or XO).

Cognacs offer a multitude of food pairing possibilities,  for appetizers, main dishes and desserts. The app also includes recipes adapted by chefs in partnership with Gault&Millau, allowing you to taste and enjoy cognac at its best.

And you can test your knowledge with an educational quiz. The app also keeps you abreast of cognac news on social networks, thus combining an ancestral and refined product with the digital technology of today.

The Cognac Pairing app is free on the Apple App Store and Android platforms.


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