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The ‘Grand Siècle’ Cognac At Le Boudoir In Brooklyn

Le Boudoir is a private underground Brooklyn bar inspired by Marie-Antoinette that shows just how fascinating France can be. Once in the bar, we are shown a hidden door that leads to a small staircase and an intimate antechamber.

Franky Marshall, the founder, explains that she is a serious Francophile who has been inspired by her trips to Cognac. A Cognac Educator certified by the official Cognac professional organization (Bureau national interprofessionnel du Cognac—BNIC) in 2014, this highly creative woman places refinement at the heart of her cocktails. Let’s talk to her.

franky boudoir

How well is cognac appreciated in New York?
F.M. Most of the fashionable bars I know have put cognac on their menus. For some, cognac is considered an art de vivre. For others, it’s something intriguing they want to try. Here, our mix of cognac and ginger is the preferred option for New Yorkers.

Your bar has an original atmosphere. What guided your creative vision?

F.M. The attention I paid to the décor makes people feel “precious”. I like to invite my clients to explore new flavors when they have an occasion to celebrate and to serve drinks with unexpected tastes in beautiful glasses. I like the idea that I can offer them a refined experience that is different from what they can find in other Brooklyn bars.

Which cocktail is your personal favorite?

F.M. Brandy Crusta is one of my favorites. It’s made with cognac, lemon juice, orange liqueur and cane sugar.

Do you have a brand new cocktail recipe to share as an exclusive preview?

F.M. I like my cocktails to tell a story. In 2018 this one will tell…

Ideas to retain:
• Dare to make magic with mixtures to surprise connoisseurs.
• Invest in original and elegant glasses for a complete experience.

Follow Franky Marshall on Instagram:
Le Boudoir
135 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
+1 347 227 8337


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