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Cognac In New York As Seen Through French Eyes #Episode 2

The consumption of cognac is all the rage in New York. Follow the exploration of a thirty-something French woman in New York looking for the best in cocktails and discover how to prepare recipes generated by this enduring New World phenomenon. On the agenda: inspiring encounters and innovative ideas. Adopt this mindset and rediscover cognac !


Flavien Desoblin, founder of Copper & Oak, says the new generation is increasingly interested in vintage spirits. “Everything that is retro and authentic is coming back into fashion. We see the new generation taking an interest in vintage products that have a history and a story to tell. Cognac’s sense of its historic heritage is perfectly consistent with this trend. By communicating around this we help to create meaning.”

We noticed the role of social positioning in the ordering of cocktails here in New York. The idea seems to be: “If I order a certain cocktail, that makes me different!” We stand out from the crowd by ordering a distinctive cocktail composed of a French spirit with a rich history.

Apart from special occasions, cognac is seen as an experience in itself that makes people want to talk about it spontaneously on social networks.

Franky Marshall, founder of the Le Boudoir bar in Brooklyn also confirmed that “Most trendy bars I know have put cognac on their menus. For some, cognac is considered an art de vivre. For others, it’s something intriguing they want to try.”


To extend the experience, here is our list of tried and true addresses:

– The Brandy Library
Why here? For the ultimate tasting experience in a refined setting and a cozy atmosphere.
Address: 25 N. Moore Street in Tribeca

– The Rooftop Bar at the Moxy Hotel
Why here? For a tasting experience with a view of the New York skyline and perhaps an encounter with Rihanna.
Address: 485 7th Avenue

– The bar of the Beekman Hotel
Why here? For a chic cocktail with a view of the monumental atrium of this 19th century building.
Address: 123 Nassau Street

– Library of Distilled Spirits
Why here? For the choice of 18 cocktails based on VSOP cognac and brandy (the menu).
Address: 80 E. 13th street.

– Le Boudoir
Why here? For the smoldering atmosphere of a secret bar and hyper-sophisticated cocktails.
Address: 135 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn

– Copper & Oak
Why here? For the authentic character of a bar for connoisseurs. Test the Mix-it!
Address: 157 Allen Street

– Pouring Ribbons
Why here? To enjoy spicy cocktails like the brand new Gem Spa.
Address: 225 Avenue B

Acknowledgments / Credits
Thanks to Flavien Desoblin (Copper & Oak), Franky Marshall (Le Boudoir) and Joaquín Simó (Pouring Ribbons) for their warm welcome and advice.


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