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Céline Rivier part. 2

How I learned to love Cognac. Part two of a story by French journalist Céline Rivier, founder and editor of the food blog Les Pépites de Noisette, telling us how she discovered cognac-based cocktails.

“In another post, I talked about cognac-food pairings. Here, I’m going to tell you all about cocktails made with cognac. Friendly, festive, fun: cocktails are certainly one of the best ways to enjoy spirits. I really suggest you try them out.

It’s often entertaining to guess the ingredients in a cocktail when you taste it and try to understand what they contribute to it. I discovered that cognac systematically brings freshness and smoothness. It has a playful aspect; it transforms the other ingredients, sometimes unbelievably so.

One example: I recently tried a Brandy Alexander. This is a cocktail combining chocolate, milk and cream. In other words, you’d expect the cocktail to be heavy and filling, but thanks to a touch of cognac, the result is very fresh and delicious!

When used in cocktails, cognac completes and balances out the other ingredients. It’s pretty impressive! To me, it’s a source of almost endless inspiration. Forget about what you’ve heard about cognac – it’s a spirit full of surprises!

So, what are my three favourite cognac cocktails? I’d choose the Sidecar (pic), which is fresh and pleasant, the Cognac Summit, which is slightly spicy, and the Car’s Delight, the recipe for which I posted on my blog (see below the picture)!”

Cocktail Cognac Summit Les Pites de Noisette

© Les Pépites de Noisette


  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 45 ml Cognac
  • 20 ml dry Curaçao
  • 1 teaspoon sugar syrup
  • 1 dash of orange blossom


Mix all ingredients in a shaker.

Serve chilled.

“My tip: add ice cubes to your shaker with the other ingredients and strain as you pour into the glass to chill it even more!”



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