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Château Montifaud: handing down heritage since 1837

The Vallet family has been passionate about Cognac ever since Augustin Vallet planted the first three hectares of vines in the heart of Petite Champagne in 1837. Laurent Vallet now runs the estate, six generations later.

Was taking over the family business an obvious choice? Laurent Vallet considers himself very lucky since his parents never pressured him to do so. Cognac has interested him since he was a child, when he accompanied his grandfather Louis. He is still very passionate, even if he now manages a 130-hectare estate, straddling the Petite and Grande Champagne.

His parents are still a part of the estate but have taken a step back. Laurent does not wish to influence his two young daughters’ career paths, and often reminds them of this. They do, however, often accompany him, whether it be in the office or the cellar.

He tells them that, once they have grown up, they will have the opportunity to taste eaux-de-vie crafted by their ancestors, and maybe even blend Cognac using wine spirits from several generations.

© Fabrice Schäck


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