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Cellar master

Cellar master

This jeweller of the Charentes vineyards takes their time to shape raw distillate wine spirits from various terroirs after they have been removed from copper still pot. They constantly monitor aging potential in order to choose the most appropriate barrels. From the extraction of tannins to slow oxidation in new or century-old barrels, large 1,000-liter barrels or small barrels, from dry or humid cellars, to the time it takes to reduce the alcoholic degree, blending wine spirits holds no secrets for the cellar master! Like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, they know how to perfectly combine several dozen – or even several hundred – high quality wine spirits to create a pre-blend that will eventually be sold and appreciated around the world. They apply their incredibly rich olfactory memory on a daily basis to carefully manage pre-blends, sometimes produced by their predecessors, and create new pre-blends made from new wine spirits or the latest aging techniques.


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