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Alembic manufacturer

Alembic manufacturer

The Charentais alembic, with its boiler, onion-shaped still head and swan’s neck, has become a symbol of cognac and the art of artisanal distillation.

For more than three centuries, Charentais copper still manufacturers have developed a unique know-how recognised and used around world. These artisans, who are both boilermakers and coppersmiths, are indeed the most specialised in their profession and the quality of their work, the shape of the head of the alembic or the height of the swan neck will in turn have an impact on the quality of the eaux-de-vie. Hammering, forming, stamping, necking, planing, and riveting hold no secrets for them.

The business has evolved into one of true distillery design and they can offer partial or total process automation with different configuration systems, alarms and traceability functions. They now offer remote management and even remote monitoring and apply their skills to winemaking as well.

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