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Stake drivers

Stake drivers

Without a stake driver, the thousands of kilometers of trellising required as the physical support system for the proper growth of vines could not be built. Just as the vine sends its roots into the various soil types in the appellation, the stake driver surveys the plots and examines the composition of the earth, particularly its hardness, as on the limestone plateaus of the Grande Champagne region.

From commune to commune, are more familiar than anyone else with the micro-variations of the growth zones, a central element that allows for the expression of the terroirs. Stake driving is an example of the winemaking services provided by many Charente-based companies in their accompaniment of winegrowers, vintage after vintage: these experts seek the best expression of the grapes, whatever the cultivation technique, type of grape, size or geology.

Sans l’enfonceur de piquet, on ne pourrait réaliser ces milliers de kilomètres de palissage de la vigne, véritable tuteur indispensable à sa bonne culture.
Enfonceur de piquet ©Stéphane Charbeau

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